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The Institute of Military History (IMH) is a research and scientific, archiving and museum institution of The Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic in charge of military history. It was founded on the command of the Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic (CMoD) no. 27 from 26th April 1994 coming into action on 1st May 1994. Later on 1st January 1998 it was instituted and transformed as a state budget organisation with the Institute Act no. 50 021/1997 and CMoD no 99/1997.

Dislocation of the workplaces of the Institute of Military History  Bratislava:

– Headquarters of the IMH
– The Department of Military History Researches
– The Military History Archive
– The Department of Financial, Personnel and Logistics Support

– The Museum of Military History ( - Headquarters, - The Department of Museum of Military History, - The Department of Physical Objects Protection of Museum of Military history) 

–The Department of Museum of Military History

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The IMH management

Executive Director IMH
Col. Miloslav ČAPLOVIČ, M.A., PhD.
The Director of the Department of IMH, Deputy IMH
COL (Ret.) Peter ŠUMICHRAST, M. Phil., PhD.
The Director of the Military History Archive
Peter KRALČÁK, M.A., PhD.
The Director of the Museum of Military History
The Director of the Department of Logistics Support

The IMH mission

A/ manage the development of
  • Slovak military historical science in line with the state scientific policy and the conception of the military science development;
  • military archiving in line with the Act no. 395/2002 Col. On archives and registrations and on some amendments with regard to the later regulations and the Directive of the Ministry of the Interior SR no. 628/2002 Col., on behalf of which some of the regulations of the act are executed and on the amendment of some of the acts pursuant to further regulations;
  • the military museums science in line with the Act no. 206/2009 Col. On museums and galleries and on the protection of objects with some cultural value and on the change of the Act of the Slovak National Council no. 372/1990 Col. On offences pursuant to further regulations and the Declaration of the National Council of SR on the Protection of cultural heritage (Collection of acts of SR no. 91/2001 Col., Clause 39);
  • a specialized professional library and library services in line with the Act no. 183/2000 Col. On libraries, on the amendment of the Act no. 27/1987 Col. on State landmark care and on the amendment of the Act no. 68/1997 Col.. on Matica slovenská pursuant to its later regulations;
  • military history services;
  • general care of national landmarks and cultural landmarks in charge of the MHI in line with the Act no. 49/2002 Col. On landmark fund care and the Act no. 130/2005 Col. On military graves.

B/ Manage the cooperation activities with the units of the Ministry of Defence SR at

  • realising the Slovak government resolutions in the revitalization and care of the national cultural heritage in the Ministry of Defence resort;
  • a continual realizing of the Protocol between The Ministry of Defence SR and the Czech republic on the division of the archiving funds and documentation units of the Czechoslovak army and its common usage from the October 26th 1995;
  • the back up of the Ministry of Defence SR in the committee of the Ministry of the Interior SR in connection with the preparation of bilateral agreements on military graves;
  • the professional tuition in discarding of registered documents in the Ministry of Defence resort ;
  • President’ s command proposals on the historical anniversaries and the management of the Committee for Military symbols of the Ministry of Defence SR;
  • the performance proposals of the Minister of Defence at the events connected to some military historical anniversaries (historical anniversaries, meetings with some of the participants of the resistance movement and veterans);
  • the reply proposals to the requests and proposals addressed to the Minister of Defence SR connected to the military history, history and traditions , or the direct management of these answers;
  • the professional statements to the promotional proposals of participants of the national fight for liberty;
  • military education and upbringing (publishing works and presentations);
  • the establishment of the halls of honour and fame (professional methodical and material help);
  • awarding honourable and historical titles to military units ( professional statement);
  • the establishment of the military symbols (professional statement, proposals).

The Slovak Committee of Military History works actively at the IMH (SCMH). The Committee joined the International Organization of Military History in - Commision Internationale d´ Histoire Militaire (CIHM). Since the Warsaw congress in 1994 the committee has been actively participating in congresses all over Europe.

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