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Magazine – Vojenská história (Military history)


Magazine for military history, museology and archival science
ISSN 1338-7154 (online version) and ISSN 1335-3314 (printed version) 

Magazine for for military history, museology and archival science is issued from the year 1997. Since 1. 1. 2006, its publisher has been the Institute of Military History (hereinafter referred to as the “IMH”) in Bratislava. It is the only scientific magazine which focuses on military history, archival science and museology in Slovakia.
Is quarterly issued, in March, June, September and December. The Magazine publishes studies in the Slovak, Czech and English languages. Studies in Slovak and Czech also have a brief English and German abstract; studies published in the English language have an abstract in the Slovak and German languages.
The Magazine is technical in nature, and brings original scientific studies, contributions and articles enriched with notes. Only studies bringing new knowledge or original interpretations, and essentially broadening our knowledge, will be published. Emphasis is given to the scientism of texts but the language level of text is equally important.
The Magazine also publishes short and scientifically elaborated editions of documents which are extremely important from the point of view of military history. The Magazine also publishes short reports covering the life of the scientific discipline both in this country and abroad, reports about scientific and technical events, the annotations of publications, bibliographic overviews, etc.
In addition to its key mission of developing the Slovak military historiography, the role of the Magazine is to contribute actively to the popularisation of military history, to deepen the awareness of history among the members of the Slovak Armed Forces, the defence sector, as well as among the public.
On behalf of its narrow scientific profile it mainly serves scientific purposes of the sector, scientific institutions and vocational school. Non-professionals can find the magazine in all academic, state scientific, local and regional libraries.
The Editorial Board is the advisory body to the publisher (the editor), to the IMH Director who appoints the members of the Board from among leading national and foreign experts in the field of military history, [military] archival science and [military] museology.
The Board evaluates and makes recommendations on an improvement of the aesthetic, material levels and of the content of the Magazine, and participates in the selection of authors and reviewers of articles.

Editorial Board:

doc. PhDr. Vladimír Segeš, PhD. (the chairmen), PhDr. Igor Baka, PhD., (the vice-chairman), PhDr. Milena Balcová, PhDr. Viliam Čičaj, CSc., PhDr. Igor Graus, PhD., doc. Mg. Michal Habaj, PhD., Mgr. Peter Chorvát, PhD., Mgr. Peter Kralčák PhD., Mgr. Matej Medvecký, PhD., PhDr. Slavomír Michálek, DrSc., PhDr. Richard Pavlovič, PhD., Former LtCol. PhDr. Peter Šumichrast, PhD., doc. PhDr. Pavol Valachovič, CSc.,

Foreign members of Editorial Board:

LtCol. Dr. Tibor Balla, DrSc., Budapest, Dr. István Janek, PhD., Budapest, PhDr. Michal Lukeš, PhD. (Praha), Mgr. Mateusz Gniazdowski, PhD., (Warszawa), CSc. Budapest, PhDr. Jiří Rajlich, Vojenský historický ustav, Praha, Harold E. Raugh, Jr., PhD., Command historian UNC/CFC, HQ USFK (FKHO), US Korea Forces, Martin Zűckert, Collegium Carolinum,  Forschungstelle für bömischen Länder, München

Ethical provisions of the Military History:

  • Authors shall hand over texts to the editorial office in electronic form only. The scope of the text shall be maximum 72,000 characters. Authors are obliged to follow instructions for the compilation of articles.
  • Authors are obliged to draw attention to articles on the relevant topic that have already been published.
  • Authors are obliged to provide a list of quotations (references), according to the principles of ISO690, which are specifically mentioned in special instructions for authors. They are fully responsible for correct and complete citing of literature and sources used. They are obliged to provide information on their professional background (the workplace, address, e-mail contact), and the source of financial support for research, if any, based on which the contribution was prepared.
  • Authors are obliged to report immediately to the editorial office any and all serious mistakes and inaccuracies in the contribution, and eliminate or correct mistakes of which they are notified not only within a reviewing process, but also if they have identified their own mistake.
  • Authors are obliged to implement comments from reviewers, without any right to an additional fee. If a work is compiled by several authors, the name of the head of the team of authors and the scope of contribution of each of the authors shall be specified for the needs of distribution of author's fees. In all contributions, the author shall guarantee that the issue of the work does not violate the actual Copyright Act.
  • Authors shall submit for assessment the original and not yet published contribution. They may not submit any identical contribution for publication, which has already been published elsewhere, or is simultaneously being assessed in another journal, unless it has been markedly revised or amended, both in terms of factual and interpretation aspects. For any amended contribution, in the notes of the contribution, it is necessary to provide information on the revision and the scope of amendments, with particular designation of the journal where the original contribution was published. Any concerns raised shall be discussed according to the rules of the Committee on Publication Ethics Resource Kit („COPE“) published on the website
  • All studies and editions of documents in the Military History magazine are subject to a reviewing process. If the editorial office of the Magazine decides on the possibility of publishing the study, they shall provide it to a selected expert. The expert shall prepare a written assessment in which he/she shall express his/her opinion on the quality, originality and scientific contribution of the study to the issue under review.
  • The reviewing process is strictly confidential, i.e. the names of reviewers are not known to authors, and vice versa, the names of authors are not known to reviewers. The reviewers of studies shall be selected from among experts in the relevant field or sector. Review assessments must be objective and confidential, and they shall only be provided to the authors and to the Editorial Board as a source for the final decision on a publication. Personal criticism is inadmissible.
  • In the assessment, the reviewer must specify whether he/she recommends the text for publication after implementing minor modifications, whether he/she recommends a revision and a re-assessment, or does not recommend any publication.

Military history is indexed in international database

The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities (CEJSH)
European Reference Index for the Humanities and Social Sciences (ERIH PLUS)
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