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Basic information on the Department of MHR


Competence and issues

The Department of the Military History Researches (DMHR) represents a special part of the IMH for scientific research managing the history of warfare and the military history of Slovakia from the far past up to the present. The department is responsible for the development of the Slovak military history science and the presentation of its results aboard, as well as for the developing cooperation with relating scientific workplaces at the Slovak Academy of Sciences, with universities in Slovakia. Meanwhile it is responsible for the development of the international cooperation in the field of military history science.

Major tasks:

• conduct a specialized and applied military historical research,
• solving methodical and methodological issues of Slovak military history science,
• managing the results of the research in the forms of synthesis, monographs, studies, scientific articles, essays, documents and expertise,
• the popularization of Slovak military history in scientific articles, presentations, discussions and various forms of presentations in press and electronic media, central authorities, military headquarters, military units, institutions, and organizations having acted in Slovakia.

Scientific research  tasks:

►development of the basic scientific research in line with a long term research programme, specified in the research projects as a systematic activity with its target to exceed the knowledge of war history and armed conflicts, the development of the army, military art, military-theoretical thinking, weapons and armaments;
►increasing the share of the basic research of the military history of Slovakia in the period after the end of the WWII;
►joining the national scientific projects guaranteed by the Slovak Academy of the Sciences (SAS), esp. its Institute of History of SAS and the sector of the universities and colleges;
►more intensive development of the international cooperation in the field of joint project solutions with partnership organizations and institutions locally and abroad;
►trying to intensify the connection of the basic and applied research leading to efficient usage of solutions in a social practice while raising public historical awareness, people´ s positive approach towards Armed Forces as well as improving the educational process of the members of the Armed Forces of SR;
►exceeding the qualification of the scientific professionals in line with the plan of improving the qualification in the form of post-graduate studies and gaining scientific qualifying degrees.

Major tasks of the Department of the Military History Researches:

a) a basic and applied research in the military history of Slovakia;
b) realization of the results of the scientific and professional activity in some professional local and international magazines and publications, through the original editing activity, presentations in some local and international events locally or abroad, bibliographic, scientific-informational activity, archiving service and exhibiting activity;
c) writing professional expertise and documentation for the superior levels of the Ministry of the Defence resort, and the central resort of the public sector;
d) improving the cooperation with departments and corporate organizations of the relating scientific sectors, with the universities of SR;
e) the cooperation with the international and foreign institutions of the similiar scientific focus, developing of the international cooperation in the science, research, especially within the scope of C. I. H. M. (International Committee for Military History) and the Working group of the military history within the Peace partnership;
f) editing the military magazine the Military History;
g) managing and maintaining the work of the library o the IMH.

The Products of the Department of the Military History Researches:

Publications (synthesis, monograph, volumes);
• the Military History magazine
• scientific conferences, symposia, seminars;
• scientific studies, presentations, lectures, scientific expertise;
• analyses, documentation materials, scientific-informational and military-historical services, counselling service.

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