Our links

Title url
The Ministry of Defense SR www.mosr.sk
The Ministry of Interior SR www.minv.sk
The Ministry of Culture SR www.culture.gov.sk
The Ministry of Education SR www.minedu.sk
The Historical Institute of the Slovak Academy of Science (SAS) www.history.sav.sk
The Slovak historical society of the SAS www.shs.sav.sk
The Institute of Political Science of the SAS upv.sav.sk
The Encyclopedic institute of the SAS www.encyclopaedia.sk
Nation’s Memory Institute www.upn.gov.sk
Slovak National Archives www.civil.gov.sk/SNARCHIV
The Society of Slovak Archivists www.archivari.sk
The Slovak National Library www.snk.sk
The Central Library of the SAS www.uk.sav.sk
The University Library Bratislava www.ulib.sk
The Union of Museums in Slovakia www.zms.sk
The Slovak National Museum www.snm.sk
The Museum of the Slovak National Uprising www.muzeumsnp.sk
The Museum of Transport www.muzeumdopravy.com
The Slovak technical museum in Košice www.stm-ke.sk
The Monuments Board of Slovakia www.pamiatky.sk
Slovak research and development agency (SRDA) www.apvv.sk
Our virtual base and the guide for the lovers of history www.dejiny.sk
The Historical Magazine www.historickycasopis.sk
The Magazine Forum Historiae www.forumhistoriae.sk
The History Revue on the history of society www.historiarevue.sk
The Historical Revue www.historickarevue.com
The History of the cities and villages in Slovakia, museums, galleries, monuments. www.muzeum.sk