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Basic Information on the Military History Archive

Matrika Komárňanskej pevnosti z roku 1620
 The Military History Archive is opening for the public:
Director MHA Peter KRALČÁK, M.A., PhD.
Tuesday – Friday 08.00  – 15.00
contact +421 2 482 077 20
+421 960 319 020

The Military History Archive (MHA) as a part of the IMH (IMH) was established by the Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic on 1st May1994. It was opened for the public on 3rd May1995 in its site on Univerzitne námestie no.2 in Trnava. In 2005 it was relocated to Bratislava; Krajná 27 to the premises of the MHI.

The MHA is; in line with the Act no. 395/2002 Col. on Archives and registrations, in addition to the amendments of some acts; defined as a public state archive belonging to the group of specialized public archives.

Within the system of archival and registration units it is referred to as an end-archive with its whole-state responsibility. The MHA is methodically managed by the Department of Archive and Registrations of the Ministry of the Interior SR. All the archival files, funds and collections of the MHA belong under the archival heritage of the Slovak Republic.

The MHA manages:

  1. collecting, archiving, retaining, protecting, maintaining, professional management and making available:
  • written archival documents and other forms of files of a permanent documentation value made by the activity of central military authorities; headquarters and military units, institutions or organizations that were or have been in Slovakia; that means belonging to the Austria-Hungarian Army up to 1918, the Czechoslovak Army in 1918 - 1939, the Slovak Army in 1939 – 1945, the Czechoslovak Army in 1945 – 1992 as well as the Army (The Armed Forces) SR since 1993;
  • archival files and documents made as a result of the activity of the authorities and the personalities of the 1st and 2nd Czechoslovak resistance movement (1914 – 1918, 1939 – 1945);
  • other written documents, archival and special collections connected with the history of Slovakia and some identification documents of the soldiers and lieutenants born in 1911 – 1920;
  • military directives, pictures, military historical and military professional works, moves, microfilms, maps and other press releases.
  1. a take-over of the written funds and units from the Military Archive – Central Registration Trnava and the Registration Centre of the Ministry of Defence SR after the expiration of the relevant period of archiving;
  2. executing the tuition of the discarding process of registration documents in the Military Archive – Central Registration Trnava the Registration Centre of the Ministry of Defence SR, in addition to all the units and organizations of the Armed Forces SR;
  3. developing the cooperation with archives of the Slovak Republic. Furthermore development of the cooperation with the international partnership organization as the Military History Archive Prague and the Central Archive of the Czech Army in Olomouc, i.e.: with military archives in some other Europeans cites.

Where to find us:

Military History Archive


The Director of MHA: Peter KRALČÁK, M.A., PhD.
Tel.: 00421 2 48207712

Our function room:
Tel./fax: 00421 2 48207720

Post address :
Military History Archive
Krajná 27
821 04 Bratislava
Slovenská republika

Our public service:

Researchers can use the services of the archive during business days:
Tuesday – Thursday from 7:30 – 15:30
Friday from 7:30 – 11:00

Any visit of the archive please send your application to our fax number at least 2 days in advance: 00421/48207720, or apply at:
In addition it is necessary to ask for the requested study materials

For a written application draft please click here:

The application form can be sent over via an e-mail.

The list of the archiving funds and collections only in Slovak language is here:
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