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Military cemetery Hunkovce

The military cemetery  of German soldiers Hunkovce comes from the WWII. On behalf of the inter-governmental Czechoslovak-German Agreement of Neighbours Cooperation; within its notion of the declaration of both the governments to find, keep and maintain the military graves from 1992 (the agreement forming the ground of the Act on military graves between the two countries from March 2nd 1999), the cemetery  was re-built by a private humanitarian German organization “People’s care corps of German military graves” in 1994. In 1995 the grave was sainted. More than 3100 German soldiers lie here in peace after being killed in the Karpathian-Dukla operation. Their names are imprinted together with their data and ranks on the gravestones, every single cross holding 4 names on each of its walls. The cemeteries  peculiarity is its central cross standing in a trench filled with water supplied from a spring beneath the cemetery. The water continually flows down along the grave-path up to the lake situated at the entrance of the cemetery. The entrance wooden building represents a typical architectural mark of the region. The cemetery  fence is made of wooden shingles. Its base is similarly as the base wall and the entrance road formed by local slate stones.
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