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Instructions for authors


Method of delivering manuscripts

Please deliver or send contributions to the Military History on principle in Word text editors.
It is necessary to insert notes using WORD programme for inserting notes/footnotes – not to write them mechanically below the text of the study. It is necessary to attach an abstract (in Slovak language, up to 10 lines), 5 key words both in Slovak and English languages; a summary in Slovak language consisting roughly of one page, and personal data about the author: the birth number, address, account number, telephone or email contact.
Do not try to break up or modify the text in a special manner; paragraphs without the tabulator! The font Times New Roman, size 12, normal, without bold. Line spacing 1.5. Please write direct citations in italics. Annexes: Images: Please send image attachments separately in the jpg, jpeg, bmp format, min. resolution 300 dpi, and duly marked and identifiable. Please specify in captions in the text where the image should be placed. Tables, graphs: It is necessary to send tables and graphs in a separate file, in standard xls, xlsx (excel)

Length of contributions

The length of studies including the notes should be 15 - 40 pages. Reviews may have up to 15 pages; annotations maximum 3 pages. For annotations and reviews it is necessary to state ISBN
The number of standard pages is calculated according to the number of characters (1,800 characters including spaces per page).
The basic standard for referencing is 690 (01 0197) – Documentation. Bibliographic references

Reference to monographs

VÁROŠ, Milan. Posledný let generála Štefánika. Bratislava : International, 1994, pp. 56. ISBN 80-215-0149-9.
PEJSKAR, Jožka (ed.). Poslední pocta : Památník na zemřelé československé exulanty v letech 1948 – 1981.    
W. p. : Konfrontace, 1986, vol. 2., pp. 118-121. ISBN 3 8577 01 203.
(If the source does not specify the place of publication: without the place; similarly, also for not referred publishing house: w. p. h., year: w. y.)

Reference to studies (If the editor is specified in a collection, please cite it also after the name of the collection:

ŠPIRKO, Dušan – LUPTÁK, Miroslav. Obrana bratislavského predmostia vo francúzsko-rakúskej vojne roku 1809. In Military History, 2002, ed. 6, no. 1, pp. 9-10. ISSN 1335-3314.
(Please state foreign sources in the respective language, for instance, an English source: In Army History, 2003, vol. 59, no. 1, p. 13-15.)
DEIGHTON, Leon. Blitzkrieg : Od Hitlerova nástupu po pád Dunkerque. Translated by Kárník, Zdeněk. Prague : Argo, 1994, pp. 85. ISBN 80-85794-08-X.

Reference to already cited source in the text 

PEJSKAR, ref. 2, p. 97; ref. number is the number of the footnote which includes the cited work once with complete bibliographic data
  • If one note specifies two sources of the same author, in the next notes provide also the first words of the source name: PEJSKAR, Poslední, ref. 2, pp. 93.
  • The author need not state the names of all originators of the cited work (the second, the third), or if the cited work has more than three originators, we state: ŠPIRKO, Dušan et al.  
  • In the case of multiple places of publication or names of publishing houses, we write a semicolon or a comma: Prague : Naše vojsko; Bratislava : Magnet Press, 1999,
  • Data in the bibliographic description of cited source are provided in the language of the source up to the information about the scope 

Reference to archival documents    

MI SR-The Slovak National Archives in Bratislava (hereinafter the SNA), f. the Minister of the Czechoslovak Republic empowered for the administration of Slovakia, 1918-1928 (hereinafter f.), box (hereinafter b.) no. 277, sign. no. 1234/1920 prez
For repeated records, please state Ibid, p. 8 (not Idem)
  • The most frequent abbreviations of archives: the SNA Bratislava, VÚA-VHA Prague, VHA Bratislava, NA Prague, AM SNP B. Bystrica,

Use of abbreviations and markings

The abbreviation for a page or pages is p. (pp.), the volumes of magazines and the numbers of collections are written in Arabic numerals. If documents within editions are numbered, in addition to pages, it is also necessary to state the number.
The Editorial Board reserves the right to decide on the publication or return of a contribution, based on requested expert review assessments. Unsolicited manuscripts will not be returned to the author.
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